Jeremiah Fyffe


Automatic Updates?

12 Feb 2014

Yesterday I launched the "Launch" site at I'm very pleased with how smooth it went.

Some of the immediate projects are:

Regarding the automatic updates …. What I'm really looking for is a way that I can upload a .md to the posts folder and have it automatically generate the site. This way I can upload anytime from my iPad remotely and not have to actually do anything to make the site work. I suppose the simplest way would be to buy a mac collocation. I'm not quite ready for that investment. But I know that it is coming down the road though.

If someone happens to run across this site who actually knows what they are doing, feel free to email me some suggestions. As they are helpful I will post your thoughts here. Be sure to include Twitter, GitHub, website, etc.

I guess this means that I need to build in comments soon as well. I'll probably just use Disqus as this is what I have used before and it has worked well.

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