Jeremiah Fyffe



11 Feb 2014

Oh, boy. This is always a bit scary. How many times have I written this post just to fail days, weeks or months later? Yeah, the launch post that usually ends how many posts later drifting off into oblivion like George Clooney's character in Gravity.

Since I've failed most other times I'm gonna keep it simple so I don't waste much time on a doomed project.

My intention is a start a website that hosts tech articles specifically geared for pastors and others in Christian ministry. Why? Because apart from the preaching the Gospel that's about all I'm good at and I usually am using tech to better preach the Gospel.

But that's not quite what this website is about just yet.

For now, I'm going to chronicle my experience trying to develop this site. Why?

  1. Mostly just to get myself into the habit of posting regularly.
  2. To make myself think systematically though the steps I need to take to get this launch off the ground.
  3. Maybe a reader or two are considering launching a site themselves and my experience might come in handy.
  4. To test out the site even as it is being developed.
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